Go & Grow Garden Beds are portable, water efficient hardwood garden boxes built on a half pallet base from recycled hardwood by Feiss Furniture.

They incorporate a built in wicking system and use recycled materials. The boxes are 120cm long by 55cm wide and 70 cm high. They have an adjustable 50 litre water reservoir in the base and are fully lined, insulated and utilise a recycled natural fibre wick system.

We service the Bendigo region, contact us for further information.

(Photo courtesy of Liz Martin)

The design of the wicking beds makes them easy to maintain and they are at a comfortable working height.

Wicking beds conserve water and the raised format make gardening easier for people with limited mobility. They are also a good choice for renters and those in short-term accommodation because you can take your garden with you if you move.


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